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Company Name:
On-site Computer Sales & Services, Inc.
Resume/LinkedIn Requirements:
Please send an updated resume. We do not require a LinkedIn account but if you have one we would love to get connected. There will by a preliminary Skype interview process.
$21 per hour billed to the customer - last month the shop controller produced 143.34 hours. This is a full time position requiring 40 hours per week. Although this is an hourly position, we have designed the pay structure as a profit share to reward hard work, organization, and good sales skills. We feel that shared profit encourages self dedicated hard work and would like someone with the ambition to take a shop to full capacity for everyone's benefit. The current employee - $21 is paid for each billable hour produced
Experience Requirements:
Shop Tech Details: Applicants must have hands on computer software/hardware troubleshooting/repair experience (Windows/Mac), malicious software removal/protection, browser repair, registry repair, soldering skills. Cellphone repair would be a plus.
Sales experience is not a requirement, but is a needed skill as the amount of services performed or parts sold will be dependent upon the ability of the technician to inform the customer (sell) of their need for such parts and services. If you do not feel capable to working in a sales position, this may not be the best position for you.
There will be a hardware test given during the interview to verify at least hardware 101 troubleshooting knowledge. Ask for details if necessary.
Note: A non-compensated apprenticeship may be offered if needed and approved by management.
General Work Description:
Shop Tech Details: Duties will include but not be limited to: standard shop management, system repairs, answering phone/scheduling, POS, customer followup calls for courtesy/maintenance.
Daily reports will be generated (using POS report generation) to verify all labor,parts and services were billed properly.
Training for the POS and the ins and outs of the business will begin immediately following management hiring approval. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist